hello my name is Jesus
a little bit about me, I have a beautiful wife and amazing kids, the youngest is my twin
my career in photography began in 2009 When my daughter came into this world

I started to take pictures almost everyday and that’s how my passion grew, and now it’s how I make a living.

at course times has been changed but the photography will always be the same, I use digital cameras and medium format 120 film Cameras too.
 Film has soul. Film has feeling. That`s why I shoot film at every wedding to create timeless photos for each couple,

I like music,good wine, travel and a lot of coffee...

Jesus Santos

About The Photographer

We are told that a photograph captures a moment of time, and removes it from the temporal continuum, so that the photograph can bring that very moment across time. Apparently, in a photograph we can see a moment from the past, but see that moment as still present. This idea and others like it imply that photographs represent time in a sense that is distinctively different to other kinds of image. Various kinds of visual image represent time (pictorially or non-pictorially), but not in the way that a photograph is said to ‘capture’ time. In this article I discuss how we can make sense of this difference.

Fine Art Film Photography

Philosophy of Art

I’ve been shooting analog for almost 6 years now, and all I can say is: analog has truly changed my life and what I think about what it means produce photo imagery. My first deep contact with analog photography was during a engagement session back in 2014, and back then I would never imagine I would be shooting film today, in 2019
 I love film for its color, dynamic range, grain and what it can do with natural light, there is still a time and place for digital. There are times when I prefer my digital files (especially in low light situations). But overall, film has made me more aware, has pushed me creatively, and has given me a new perspective in my life as a wedding photographer. I feel I am a better photographer for incorporating film into my workflow.

The difference is in the grain.

Why I Shoot Film

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